Greenness – Cyclicity EP out 17th August 2018

The latest from alt-folk duo, Greenness, fronted by the divinely-voiced Cess accompanied by Graham, is something that’s been percolating for a while now. After their 2016 EP Bicephaly, the band took some time away to figure out new production techniques, learn new instruments and really delve further into musicality, performance and symbolism to grow each song. The EP was crafted in exploration of their connection to the environment, making it a very organic sounding whole, that also has distinct separations between songs and a bit of an experimental lean.


As the band describe it the EP is “influenced by the four elements, each song intertwines natural movements with personal ones”. There is definitely a kinetic energy about this EP especially expressed in the song Moon which as Cess says “draws parallels between feminine cycles and lunar phases”.

She points out that¬† “‘Swimming’ correlates the ups and downs of love affairs with the movement of the tides,

‘Mother’ links mental health struggles with environmental decay,

‘Dance With The Light’ celebrates lucid dreams and the alternance of day and night.”

But this EP as much as it views a broader almost esoteric observation of the feminine, it also contains personal experience. Cess references in the EP title, her own experience with cyclothymia, which is a mood disorder of highs and lows cycling.

I’ve been very fortunate to see the duo perform some of their new songs in London recently, and I have to say it’s a delight to hear this EP lovingly pressed into a record because their bewitching live show has a wonderful companion here.

There’s a touch of a nod to the Earth Mother and a female, natural sensibility running through the EP, and Cyclicity is a powerful yet beautifully-soft collection of songs that are both strong and delicate at the same time.

Cyclicity by Greenness is available from the 17th August.

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