Visit art print ‘Real Witches Dress In Ordinary Clothes’ by Storm x The Blind Priestess.

Gallery show of art inspired by the stories of Roald Dahl features a collaborative print by Storm x The Blind Priestess.

When: 13th September

Where: The Chocolate Museum, Brixton, 187 Ferndale Road, SW9 8BA

When: 8pm-11pm

Facebook event


Inspired by the book The Witches, ‘Real Witches Dress In Ordinary Clothes’ is a collaboration between Storm and The Blind Priestess, commenting on a woman’s place in society where she is demonised for choosing to be childless, coping with ageing and her relationship to her self image, based on Storm’s experience with hair loss/Alopecia, through the lens of the Roald Dahl story The Witches.

An A4 unframed print is available to order on demand, for £25 with free shipping please follow the link to place your order.

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