Painting with light- How the most exciting photography happens in the dark.


Just look at this. The neon nighttime captured perfectly as one lone person walks illuminated. This and many photos by artist Marilyn Mugot are taken at night of a Shanghai and its surrounds mysterious to most, and magical to all.


Steeped in fluorescence, the images are reminiscent of a strange dystopia or a bladerunner-esque landscape, preserved in complete stillness.

Most of all, the colours are breath-taking and one can spend hours poring over her gallery immersed in the detail of a leaf or neon against the night sky, where many prints are for sale.

Even model shots are moody and shot in half-light or a mist, the breadth of attention to colour shows Mugot’s innate ability to run with a theme.


A must-follow on instagram, Marilyn’s website is worth a visit if you want one on your wall.

All images kindly reproduced by permission from the artist.